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1402383773_penAnna, a Doctor of Psychology, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia (then Soviet Union). Since 1990, she has been practicing as a licensed Psychotherapist…

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1402383819_book Our books for children are educational, inspiring, informative and most of all, FUN! Published in both English AND Russian, we have plenty of different stories.

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1402383758_bubble Thank you very much for your books! My daughter really enjoys reading The Adventures of Musareg. She’s a bit too young for the Magic Stories of Metropolitan Museum…

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Featured Books


Magic Stories of Metropolitan Museum – A Year in a Museum

Magic Stories of the Metropolitan Museum

The main goal of these books is to help children fall in love with art and enjoy going to museums. The stories in this book are not historical novels. Often their events are fictitious, although some of the stories’ protagonists, such as King Philip II….


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Adventures of Misareg – The Complete Collection


This book has been written for young readers, who would like to become friends with kind and knowledgeable robots Misareg and Un-Um, as well as wonderful cat Ecin. All five books are about good and kind people, robots and animals. No evil…


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For Those Who Have To Wait – The good manners book


Small book about good manners and parents can read this story when they are together with their children – waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment, in a store, or just waiting for anything else…


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marina khaskin

Marina Khaskin 5New Jersey

Highly recommend this book. Very intuitive and easy reading. Fun for kids of all ages. My 8, 10 and 4 year olds all enjoyed it!

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Maria Lyubman

Katya Slutskaya 4halfNew Jersey

The book “Magic Stories of the Metropolitan Museum” has helped my young daughter realize how useful art can be, what strong…

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Michael Karasik 4half St. Petersburg

Metropolitan Museum Magical Stories – is a necessary book for both kids and adults. The book helps understand the art in an …

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